Top 10 allpago highlights 2017

Happy 2018 everyone! As the new year starts, we wanted to reminisce about the spectacular highlights we had at allpago in 2017. We now cover more than 80% of the e-commerce market in Latin America, we’ve helped many more e-commerce merchants connect with people in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, and we’ve been recognized by the industry for our success in doing so.

Here are 10 highlights from 2017 that we are particularly excited about:

  1. Zuora integrated our payment gateway into its subscription management platform, enabling its clients to accept local card payments and popular alternative payment methods immediately in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico


  1. We announced a partnership with HiperStream, enabling organizations using its customer communication management platform to offer a wider range of payment methods and improve their online experience for customers


  1. BMW also adopted our payment gateway to connect with credit card acquirers in Brazil and verify transactions made on its new e-commerce platform allowing customers to select, configure and order new BMW motorcycles online


  1. allpago became a signature member of the Merchant Risk Council (MRC), the leading global trade association for e-commerce fraud and payments professionals. This allows us to play share our expertise and knowledge about Latin America with MRC members around the world


  1. We also joined the Mexican Association of Payments Aggregators, a new organization that has been established to boost e-commerce, increase the use of electronic payments and promote financial inclusion in Mexico



  1. The Financial Times took a long look at allpago this year, publishing a 20-minute podcast from its interview with our CEO Philipp Bock. Click here to discover how allpago was started and how we help e-commerce merchants and financial institutions facilitate payments across Latin America


  1. Top FinTech magazine Financial IT made allpago one of its lead stories in 2017, dedicating three pages to exploring our business and the work we do helping merchants and financial institutions connect with customers in Latin America


  1. We won the prestigious People’s Choice Award at the MRC Technology Awards. This recognized our work improving access for e-commerce merchants in Latin America and enabling millions of people there without international payment cards to shop online with global merchants


  1. ACI Worldwide, an organization working with thousands of large financial institutions and global merchants, named allpago as one of its Merchant Innovation Award winners this year and inducted us into its Hall of Fame


  1. And finally, in June last year, Philipp Bock spoke at the NOAH Conference in Berlin about allpago and how it helps merchants boost revenues in Latin America. His presentation, which lasts for five minutes, is available to view here on YouTube


allpago makes it possible for international e-commerce merchants to accept a much wider range of local currencies and popular payment methods from their customers in Latin America through a single integration and API. Typically, our clients experience an 80% increase in conversion rates and 100% increase in revenues from the region in the first six months of using allpago.

Our ability to do that, combined with these other initiatives, have been invaluable in driving our growth journey and making it possible for us to double our revenues over the last year. Our planned move into Chile this year will give us 91% share of the Latin American e-commerce market and boost further the potential for our clients in the region. That will help drive our business forward and expand the world of opportunities we can offer to our clients in Latin America.

We look forward to continuing that work and working with you in 2018.


About allpago

allpago ( is a leading payment service provider for Latin America, enabling e-commerce merchants and payment providers to accept all relevant local payment methods through a single platform and API. allpago’s state-of-the-art technology and regulatory knowledge are used by merchants including, BMW, Getty Images, McAfee, Paylogic, Symantec and Teamviewer to maximize conversion rates and ensure compliant transactions with customers in Latin America, and as a ‘last mile’ payment interface by leading payment companies around the world such as Zuora, ACI Worldwide and Wirecard.

Gartner featured allpago as the only Latin American Provider in the global “Market Guide for Digital Payment Gateways and Payment Service Providers 2016.” allpago is headquartered in Berlin with regional offices in São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires and San Francisco.


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